It’s pretty incredible that almost a century ago  (next year) my great-grandfather  Max Greenberg started Pioneer Linens. He was a shining  example of the pioneer spirit – thus the name of the store – a teenage emigrant  entering through Ellis Island, on his own. As the fourth generation I’m proud that it’s all about family to us – can’t imagine leaving them behind anywhere!

We’ve been well-known for being the store in the Palm Beach area that has been decorating multi-generational clients throughout our generations.

We’ve always gone with the flow of what is happening in the world. Our online presence ships all over the world – – and it’s interesting to see what is important for the home in different countries.  We love the fact that people enjoy shopping online almost as much as they do visiting our store.

There are so many things that are important to my generation…like how should a man dress his bedroom to make it more appealing without giving up its masculine element. We women are known for our decorative pillow obsession, but sometimes it can be a bit off-putting to the men in our lives. I think pillows are piled on because we’re not quite sure ourselves on how to layer.

I want this to be a resource, to answer any and all questions you might have. Sharing our resources – like the SFERRA Linens Lose Count campaign – that explains why thread count is not the most important thing to look for in buying bedding. We want to discuss color therapy, what is the most smoothing color for your personality. I know that I feel so much more rested when I’m sleeping on a plain white bed linens,  but with a duvet cover that is interwoven with different hues of blue. If you live in a small urban apartment, how do you have a dinner party when you don’t actually have a dining table!


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